Introducing the 2018-2019 HOSA Theme!

Each person’s life and journey are stories filled with events and feelings experienced or imagined.

2019’s theme encourages HOSA members to open up books and begin writing their life’s story. To live a meaningful life and accomplish your goals, you must first understand what they are and DEFINE YOUR PURPOSE!

In this year’s identity, the open book signifies the possibilities

of future goals and aspirations that will come with hard work.

The heart is shown to express the COURAGE it takes to find

a purpose in life and to resonate with the purpose of HOSA

as an organization. The color scheme represents an even

balance of blues and reds to reflect patriotism and the

homestead of HOSA’s foundation.

As future leaders of the health community, HOSA members

can exemplify the defined purpose of the organization through

“education, collaboration, and experience.” With these goals in

mind, it’s time to develop yourself, find your passion, and put in

the work to achieve your professional dreams!

Everything will fall into place once you DEFINE YOUR PURPOSE.