Regional Online


Compete in your event's knowledge test in order to advance to the Regional Conference!

Regional Online Testing

November 25 - December 6, 2019

Event Information

Regional Online Testing is the starting point for students wishing to compete at the Regional Conference. Students will want to refer to the Competitions Page to see whether the competitive event they would like to compete in requires an online test. 


Requirements for taking online tests include: 

1.  You must have submitted all membership/chapter paperwork.

2.  All students must be HOSA members

3. You will need to secure a proctor to oversee the tests.  They must be a teacher, administrator, counselor or anyone trained to proctor tests. (NOTE: HOSA Advisors cannot serve as a proctor for HOSA Online Testing for their own students)

4.  Sign and return the Advisor Online Testing Agreement using this link:

5. Sign and return any Proctor forms using this link:




Registration Information

Registration Opens: November 4, 2019

Registration Closes: November 22, 2019

Testing Days: November 25 - December 6, 2019 (except November 28)

Cost: $1.00 per test per member (Tests must be paid even if a member doesn't complete the test)

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