Membership Checklist

Welcome to the membership paperwork page. If you are a returning chapter advisor at the same chapter as last year, you can start on this page. If you are a new advisor or an advisor at a new chapter please start at the New Chapter Page.


Below are the steps that you need to complete by November 1, 2020, to stay a chapter in good standing. If you have any questions please reach out to the State Advisor, Elizabeth Carnesi, at or at 602-228-5281.

Membership Packet

Click here to download the HOSA Affiliation Packet which lists the price of membership. 

Membership Checklist

1. Complete the Chapter Registration Form

You will need chapter information such as address, principal email, CTE Director name and email, accounts payable information, and other information to complete this form.

2. E-sign the Advisor Code of Conduct

Advisors need to make sure to read and review this important piece of information. This must be e-signed by all advisors. The Code of Conduct form can be found as part of the second half of the Chapter Registration form

3. Upload Chapter

If you are new or have made bylaw amendments in the previous year, please make sure to upload your up-to-date bylaws to the link above. If you have not made any changes and you know that you have uploaded bylaws in the past, you do not need to upload your bylaws. 

If you need a copy of your bylaws that have been submitted in the past, please contact the State Advisor at

Click here for a sample set of bylaws.

4. Submit Program of Work

Your Program of Work (POW) is your calendar of HOSA activities that your chapter plans to do throughout the year. 

Click here for a sample POW.

5. Submit Local Officer List and

Your chapter must have at least a President and a Secretary in order to conduct business. Other officers may be required or wanted, based on your bylaws and needs. Submit their names and emails for our officers to include them in the e-mailing of the monthly newsletter, the Synapse. 

6. Enter members on the HOSA Membership Site -

You will need your chapter number and password. If you forgot your chapter number and/or password contact the Arizona HOSA State Advisor at

Click here for Membership Registration Instructions

Things to remember when registering members:

1. You will need for every member, first name, last name, gender, race, class (grade), phone number (optional), email (optional, but recommended if student will be entering hours for the Barbara Jame Service Award or money for the National Service Project, it is also recommended to check on school email firewalls to make sure students will receive outside emails).

2. Check for spelling errors, duplicates, capitalization errors.

3. Once you click "Done" you cannot edit or delete members. Every member that is entered must be paid for.

4. Only click "Done" once, clicking it multiple times may result in duplicate members. 

Membership Types

1. Traditional Membership - This option is our normal membership type that most chapters choose. Membership dues for this option are $20 per member and advisor. You do not have to affiliate everyone in your program. 

2. Discount Total Affiliation - This option is if your whole program affiliates (joins) HOSA and in doing so receive a discount of 20%. If you have questions about this discount program reach out to the Arizona HOSA state advisor at

- Discount Total Affiliation Application. 

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