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Membership Checklist

Welcome to the membership paperwork page. If you are a returning chapter advisor at the same chapter as last year, you can start on this page. If you are a new advisor or an advisor at a new chapter please start at the New Chapter Page.


Below are the steps that you need to complete by November 1 of each year to stay a chapter in good standing. If you have any questions please reach out to the State Advisor at or at 602.542.5770.

Membership Checklist

1. Complete the Chapter Registration Form

You will need chapter information such as address, principal email, CTE Director name and email, accounts payable information, and other information to complete this form. This form also include the Advisor Code of Conduct AND Statement of Assurance on the second page, both of which need to be read and e-signed by all advisors (if your chapter has multiple advisors, the form does not need to be filled out multiple times, just utilize the extra advisor signature fields).

2. Submit Chapter Bylaws, Program of Work, and Officer List/Emails

If you are new or have made bylaw amendments in the previous year, please make sure to upload your up-to-date bylaws to the link above. 

Important Note: Chapter Bylaws, Program of Work, and Local Officer information will all be submitted together in the same Wufoo form (given above).


If you need a copy of your bylaws that have been submitted in the past, please contact the State Advisor at

Click here for a sample set of bylaws

Click here for a sample program of work

3. Enter members on the HOSA Membership Site -

You will need your chapter number and password. If you forgot your chapter number and/or password contact the Arizona HOSA State Advisor at

Things to remember when registering members:

1. You will need the following information for each student you register: first name, last name, gender, race, class (grade), email, phone number (optional).

2. Check for spelling errors, duplicates, capitalization errors.

Arizona HOSA also offers the option to bulk upload your membership. Provide a list of membership information on a .cvs or .xls file and submit it to the following form: Bulk Membership Upload Verification Form. For an example .xls file, download our Example Membership Import File (includes an example entry and a key for membership info).

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