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Competitive Events
For updated guidelines for all Competitive Events, CLICK HERE!


Competing at SLC, and need to know if your event requires an upload?

Check the guidelines!  If the guidelines state an upload is required for ILC, then it will also be required for SLC, with the modified deadline of March 15th! 

Team Event Size Requirement UPDATES:
Emotional Well-Being Challenge: 2-6 Members
Community Awareness: 2-6 Members
Creative Problem Solving: 2-6 Members
Dynamic Decisions (MS): 2-6 Members
Health Education: 2-6 Members
Public Service Announcement: 2-6 Members
All unlisted events will remain the same!


Middle School Events

Secondary/Post-Secondary/Collegiate Events

Pathway to ILC:

  • If the event you are competing in includes an "R", you must start at the Regional Conference to qualify for SLC.

  • If the event has only an S/I, you must qualify for SLC via Online Testing (with the exception of Recognition Events).

  • Top 7 at each Regional Conference qualify for SLC, and top scores (number is variable by event) on online testing in those events qualify for SLC.

  • Top Three in each event at SLC will advance to the International Leadership Conference!

  • Recognition Events have no qualifier in order to attend SLC.  Just follow the guidelines to determine whether/how you would be able to receive recognition at the SLC.

R - Event available in Arizona at Regional Level (must qualify for SLC via the Regional Conference)
S - Event available in Arizona at State Level
I - Event available to Arizona at International Level

* - Student must be classified under the provision of the 2004 reauthorized Individuals with Disabilities Education Act (IDEA) to participate.

Event Guidelines for SS/PSC Events:
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