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President: Katherine Urrutia

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Katherine Urrutia, now the ninth Arizona HOSA State President will lead the State Officer Team and over 6000 AzHOSA members for 2013 – 2014. She was elected into office at the annual AzHOSA State Leadership Conference in Tucson this past April and is very excited to be part of the state officer team.

Entering her first year of college at Grand Canyon University, Katherine will pursue a Bachelor’s degree in biology with an emphasis in pre- med. After obtaining her undergraduate degree, she plans to enroll in a dentistry program where she can accomplish her childhood career goal to become a dentist. No worries - she promises not to talk to her patients as they undergo procedures.

Katherine has been a HOSA member for a year and has served as a chapter officer, assisted in fundraiser events and competed at the state leadership conference. Katherine competed in the Healthcare Issues Exam in June in Nashville, Tennessee.

Katherine Urrutia is an energetic and outgoing young woman who enjoys spending time with family and friends. She has traveled to different countries in Central America that include El Salvador, Honduras, and her parent's home country of Guatemala. She hopes to be able to join her family next year on their annual vacation. Katherine is also active at her church where she dedicates her Sundays to assist with the children's Sunday school classes.

Through HOSA, Katherine feels that she will be able to accomplish many things and shine in the field of dentistry

Region 1 Vice President: Ralphlita Bia

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Ralphlita Bia is Arizona HOSA's State Vice President representing Region I. She graduated third in her class at Many Farms High School and is attending Navajo Technical College as a freshman. Miss Bia has been a member of HOSA for two years and takes action with seven other intelligent members of the Arizona State Officer Team of 2013-2014.

Her career goals after completing her BS in Nursing is to continue her education and earn a Masters Degree in Nursing. With that, she wants to return to her home on the Navajo Reservation and use her knowledge of nursing to work and serve her community.

Ralphlita is glad that she had taken part of HOSA and encourages other secondary and post-secondary students to take advantage of this glorious opportunity as she did. She joined HOSA because of her family history and the events which inspired her future goal to be a healthcare professional. Her family and culture is the foundation in her life. She loves to be around people and support anyone in their choices. The motto she goes by is "Through failure there is success." In her opinion she knows she has the opportunity and potential to go far if she puts her mind to it.

Region 3 Vice President: Amor Sanchez

Amor Sanchez is Arizona HOSA’s 2013-14 State Vice President representing Region 3. She is a freshman at the University of Arizona and is majoring in Neurocognitive Science.

Amor graduated with Honors and with a certification of completion of the Biotech Academy at Mesa High in Mesa. She also was co-president of her HOSA chapter and an avid member of HOSA, competing for two years at her school. She received the Gold Member Recognition Award in Arizona HOSA. This will be her third year participating in HOSA.

Apart from HOSA, Amor is a leader in other areas. Community service is an important part of who Amor is. She was a member of the National Honor Society as well as in Link Crew to help others in need. She was president of the Biotech Academy at Mesa High and participated in the Arizona State and Engineering Fair for two years placing both years. Her project research to find a solution to improve memory recall has confirmed her desire to earn a doctorate degree and pursue her dream career in the field of neurology.

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Region 4 Vice President: Lesleigh Zerby

Lesleigh Zerby has been elected to serve Arizona HOSA as the Vice President of Region 4. Through this position, Lesleigh will be able to bring the greatest opportunities of HOSA to the future health professionals living in the southern region of our great state.

Lesleigh is entering her second year as an Arizona HOSA State Officer and is excited to use the techniques and lessons that she has gained in the previous year to better contribute to her new team of dedicated leaders.

As a third year HOSA member and recent graduate of Bradshaw Mountain High School, Lesleigh will be attending the University of Arizona as a Family Studies and Human Growth and Development major. After completing her undergraduate studies, she plans to enroll in a nursing program to earn a Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree. Lesleigh's overall goal is to earn a doctorate in nursing and become a nurse practitioner in family practice.

Lesleigh was able to compete statewide at the 2012-2013 State Leadership Conference, where she placed third in Clinical Nursing. She had the honor of representing Arizona again at the 2013 National Leadership Conference in Nashville. Lesleigh also had the privilege to meet with our Arizona Congressmen and discuss the importantance of Career and Technical Education at the 2012 Washington Leadership Academy. She is closer to achieving her goals after receiving a scholarship from the Arizona HOSA Foundation. Lesleigh is excited to see where her career will take her and to fulfill her goals to become a contributing member of the healthcare community.

As Lesleigh continues to grow, she is more than grateful for the wonderful opportunities HOSA has given her. She loves meeting new people that have similar interests and you are capable of doing more than you would have ever thought possible!

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Post-Secondary/Collegiate Vice President: Rawlin Hewitt

Rawlin Hewitt is the Postsecondary Vice-President of the Arizona HOSA State Officer team. He is a full-time sophomore at Yavapai College and is currently a third year AzHOSA member. In his first year in HOSA, Rawlin was a State Finalist in Health Education and represented his team at the NLC in California. The following year in HOSA, Rawlin was elected Vice President of Policy and Procedure at Central Arizona Valley Institute of Technology. Rawlin is now the voice of the ever growing collegiate division of Arizona HOSA.

In addition to his responsibilities as a full-time student and a member of this year’s AzHOSA State Officer Team, Rawlin works as a part-time medical assistant for Yavapai Regional Medical Center’s Physician Care Group. In this position, he rotates to different clinics between Prescott and Prescott Valley that are short-handed. His work opportunities continue to propel his medical interest and act as an extended educational and professional network.

Out of spotlight and away from his busy schedule, Rawlin is a poet and a reader. He enjoys hiking, card games, and jujitsu.

Through education, hard work, and true ambition, Rawlin aspires to become a pediatric neurosurgeon. Rawlin is a strong advocate for repaying contributing community and the educational systems that led him to his current standing in life by serving as a state officer and working as a healthcare professional himself. Rawlin knows that he will help create of a better tomorrow as he serves AzHOSA – Future Health Professionals.

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Historian/Reporter: Tania Munoz Saldana

Tania Munoz Saldana is a three year HOSA member and is now serving as Arizona’s Historian/Reporter, where she will be in charge of statewide communications and public relations.

Tania is a recent graduate of Bradshaw Mountain High School in Prescott Valley where she served as a HOSA chapter officer holding the position of secretary. She was a state qualifier in the Home Health Aide competition at the 2013 state conference and is a national qualifier for the Healthcare Issues Exam. During her high school years, Tania was not only involved with HOSA but also participated in AVID (Advanced Via Individual Determination) and served as a LINK Crew leader (Linking student leaders with freshmen; bullying prevention). She has also completed her Certified Nursing Assistant Career and Technical Education course, passed her State Boards and is now ready to get her foot in the door of the nursing profession as a CNA. Along with being a Certified Nursing Assistant, Tania is also certified in CPR as well as basic first aid. This upcoming fall, Tania will be attending Grand Canyon University to pursue her doctorate in nursing. She hopes to become either a psychiatric or pediatric nurse practitioner.

Tania enjoys spending time with her family. Her brother is currently in the Army so whenever she has the chance to see him, she loves every minute of it.

“All our dreams can come true, if we have the courage to pursue them” a quote by Walt Disney has inspired Tania and she feels reflects the HOSA beliefs. “Through HOSA my passion for the healthcare field has only grown; I believe that HOSA cannot only expand your love for healthcare but will help you grow as a person as well as a leader. HOSA can be the building blocks for your future in a healthcare setting.”

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Secretary: Jamie Stewart

Jamie Stewart was elected to the position of Secretary during the 2013 Spring Leadership Conference. She will now be representing over 6000 members throughout Arizona’s four regions. She will be working alongside eight other dedicated and passionate healthcare leaders to expand and improve HOSA across the great state of Arizona during the 2013-2014 school year.

Jamie, a current junior attending Paradise Valley High School, will be entering her third year in the Biotechnology Program at CREST (Center for Research Engineering, Science and Technology). She will be furthering her education in genetics and microbiology. She also plans to work alongside a fellow student to conduct a personal research project to find potential treatments for a fatal genetic disease.

Jamie attempts to include herself in a multitude of activities: National Honors Society, Society of Women Scholars, and the National Society of High School Scholars. Jamie was also awarded the All American Scholar Award and is now a published author.

Jamie also enjoys recreational activities outside of school such as snowboarding, rock climbing, repelling, hiking, white water rafting, and camping. She even volunteers with ski patrol, helping the patients and auxiliaries in any way possible.

Jamie is now entering her second year of HOSA. As a former Chapter president and a current state officer, Jamie has had the honor of of expanding her leadership abilities and HOSA experiences. She looks forward to serving HOSA members to help make them be the best that they can be.

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