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President: Safiya Aden

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Safiya is the tenth President of Arizona HOSA - Future Health Professionals. HOSA holds a very special place in Safiya’s heart because of the impact it had on her life and she is beyond excited to be serving more than 8,500 members for the 2015-2016 year.

Safiya has been involved in HOSA for three years. She took on a leadership role on the fundraising committee during her first year where she raised funds for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. She was then elected President of the Marcos de Niza High school chapter and led the chapter to increasing membership from ten to thirty members in one year.

Safiya is a freshman attending Barrett, the Honors College at Arizona State University. Following, obtaining her Bachelors of Science in Nursing, she will continue her education until she achieves her Doctor of Nursing Practice specializing in pediatrics or dermatology. Safiya is passionate about helping others and the idea of helping a human being regain their health is something which she views as intimate and life changing. HOSA has kindled a fire within Safiya that burns for success because she wants to create a better future for those around her and be able to give back to the community that has helped her.

In school, Safiya is an exemplary student known for her bubbly personality and selflessness. She served as an officer of Key Club for four years, played on the Varsity Tennis team, and was on the Academic decathlon team. She was given the opportunity to visit Somalia in the summer of 2014 with her dad and it was there that she noticed the critical need for healthcare professionals. This cultivated a sense of awareness about the inequalities in health care specifically in third world countries like Somalia. That is why she hopes to become involved in global efforts that address health disparities specifically in Somalia. The most important thing that Safiya has learned is that one cannot change where they come from or their past but they sure can change where they are headed. HOSA provided her with a sense of appreciation for education and serving.

Region 1 Vice President: Alyssa Cordova

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For the 2015-2016 term, Alyssa Cordova is the Region 1 Vice President of Arizona HOSA - Future Health Professionals. In representing the Northern region, Alyssa is motivated to lend a helping hand to the members.

Alyssa graduated in the Top 10% of her class. She was an involved member in the National Honor Society, where she spent her time volunteering at the Phoenix Children's Hospital and local soup kitchens.

Alyssa will be attending Northern Arizona University on a full scholarship where she will double major in Biology and Spanish. She aspires to complete medical school in the East, as she pursues he dream of becoming a Pediatric Neurosurgeon with a specialization in Oncology. She is hoping one day to practice medicine at the Phoenix Children’s Hospital.

A member of HOSA: Future Health Professionals for two years, Alyssa was elected into Glendale Union’s HOSA Executive Council Officer Team. Alyssa had the opportunity to lead her chapter into receiving multiple Gold awards as well as obtaining the Runner-Up Award for the most participation and donation made to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. She is now currently a Bright Lights member of the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society, due to her engaged involvement in LLS. In addition, Alyssa was personally invited to attend the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Awards Night dinner, where her chapter received a recognition and spirit award for their contribution to LLS.

"Life's not about how hard of a hit you can give…it's about how many you can take, and still keep moving forward." These words were said by the famous boxer, Rocky Balboa. Alyssa has found this quote to be applicable to her life. She has chosen to not let any obstacles interfere with the goals she has set for herself. Alyssa chooses to not let the speed bumps in the road that she's faced bring her down, but rather move past them and find the positive outcomes that can be identified. As a competitive cheerleader and captain of the varsity cheerleading squad for the past six years, Alyssa’s bring an amazing positive outlook and endless energy to HOSA. She hopes to help those belonging in the HOSA family see that regardless of any issue they encounter they will never face the issue alone, there will always be someone who will help them keep moving forward.

Region 2 Vice President: Kyle Kline

Kyle Kline is honored to be serving Arizona HOSA - Future Health Professionals as the Region 2 Vice President for the 2015-2016 term. He is a sophomore at Paradise Valley High School CREST (Center of Research Engineering Science and Technology) participating in the biotechnology program. He is extremely excited to lead the central western region of Arizona.

Kyle was first introduced to HOSA through his “Honors Principles of Biotechnology” class by his advisor Mrs. Landry. This opened up multiple doors and allowed him to become an involved member. After attending FLEX Conference and Chapter Leadership Camp, Kyle knew how this organization could change his life in a positive manner. As a result, he competed in Biomedical Debate at SLC 2015 and placed third, in addition to running for state office. He was elected as one of the youngest AzHOSA state officers, hoping to get new members involved in HOSA to realize their full potential.

In addition to HOSA, Kyle is involved with his high school National Speech and Debate Association as an honor member, drama program, choir program, National Honors Society, and varsity swim team, all while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. He also has a great interest in one day becoming completely bilingual to be able to communicate with new people and form relationships with all groups in HOSA. In the future, Kyle aims to complete his educational pathway and receive his PhD to use in his future career of pharmaceutical research.

Kyle believes that members should make the most of their time in life. As his advisor once said “Never be too afraid to stick your hand in the air to present first. Afterwards, it feels amazing”. Kyle finds this quote applicable to HOSA, as members should take every given possibility; you never know which one will be the life changer.

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Region 3 Vice President: Martin Loehr

Martin Loehr is honored to be serving Arizona HOSA - Future Health Professionals, as its 2015-2016 Region 3 Vice President. Martin enjoys planning visiting chapters in his region and recognizing their achievements, and honoring HOSA member’s dedication.

Graduating with Honors from Westwood High School and the East Valley Institute for Technology’s (EVIT) Veterinary Assisting Program, Martin also received the Superintendent “Student of the Year” Award from EVIT. Martin will be attending Mesa Community College’s Honors Program on the Presidential Scholarship to satisfy all prerequisites for a biology degree. Once Martin receives his Bachelors, he strives to earn his doctorate in veterinary medicine at Colorado State University.

Martin was first introduced to HOSA through his Anatomy and Physiology teacher, Mrs. Sharon Black, where along with his the EVIT school, helped raise $10,000 for the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation. He has competed in the Healthcare Issues Exam and placed 3rd in Research Persuasive Speaking at the national level.

His interests include tap dancing, musical theatre, and volunteering at the animal clinic.

HOSA gave Martin the opportunity to network with like-minded individuals. It allowed him to initiate his career in veterinary medicine, securing his first position in the field as veterinary technician at Val Vista Animal Hospital.

Martin looks forward to this upcoming year, and is so excited to be serving you!

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Region 4 Vice President: Maricruz Espinoza

Maricruz Espinoza is proud to represent the southern part of Arizona as the Region 4 Vice President for Arizona HOSA: Future Health Professionals. Maricruz is from a very small town named Rio Rico, located not too far from the Mexican-American border. As a senior at Rio Rico High School, Maricruz is very motivated and an active volunteer involved in her school and community.

Being a member of HOSA for three years now, Maricruz has been able to grow into an aspiring leader. "HOSA is everything to me! This amazing organization has helped me grow and explore many healthcare careers. It has also helped me find myself and find what I am truly here to do-which is to help others." HOSA has helped Maricruz decide which career she will pursue in the future.

Maricruz's life long goal is to become an anesthesiologist. Although, for now, she wants to focus on graduation high school in the top 10% in her class and become a certified nursing assistant. Maricruz wishes to attend Pima Medical Institute in August of 2016, where she will study a two year long intensive program to become a registered nurse.

Maricruz is extremely excited to have the opportunity to serve on the Arizona HOSA State Officer team for 2015-2016. She is certain that this year will be filled with many opportunities and serious fun!

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Secretary: Rachel Campbell

Rachel Campbell is serving as the Secretary of Arizona HOSA: Future Health Professionals for the 2015-2016 year. She is entering her senior year at Bradshaw Mountain High School, where she will jump-start her career in healthcare through the CNA program.

HOSA has been a prominent part of Rachel’s life since freshman year. She has served as the Treasurer and Secretary of her chapter, attended a National Leadership Conference, and received Gold Member Recognition Awards for the last two years. However, Rachel is involved in many other activities. She is serious about her grades in school, participates in varsity swimming and track at her high school, enjoys being a part of community service activities, and she is a part of many extracurricular activities, including National Honors Society, Mu Alpha Theta, and Link. In addition, Rachel is excited about her job as a lifeguard at her community pool, enjoys spending time with her family and friends, and loves attending her local church services.

Rachel aspires to travel the world and help those who lack the proper medical attention. She wants to attend the University of Arizona, where she wishes to take pre-med courses with an emphasis in biology. She wants to take her degree beyond the boundaries of the country and become a part of the Doctors Without Borders program to give medical attention to countries in need of it.

By being a part of the Arizona HOSA State Officer team, Rachel believes she will be able to get a head start on her career because of the vast opportunities this organization offers. Through HOSA, she can get improve her leadership skills, network with other health care professional, and advance the business of HOSA! More importantly, Rachel desires to give back to this organization. She has never felt more passionate than she does for HOSA, and she feels absolutely blessed to serve this organization at the state level.

For Rachel, HOSA allows members to fuel their fire for helping. She believes this notion is best expressed in a quote by Robert Ingersoll: "We rise by lifting others."

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Historian/Reporter: Victoria Perez

Victoria Perez is Arizona HOSA’s 2015-2016 Historian/Reporter. She was elected into the position at the 2015 Spring Leadership Conference and will now have the honor of serving over 8,500 AzHOSA members. Throughout her term as a State Officer, Victoria hopes to connect all of the 370 chapters in Arizona through social media. She looks forward to meeting members, growing as a leader, and expanding her knowledge.

Victoria is currently a senior at Centennial High School in Peoria, Arizona and also attends the West-MEC Veterinary Sciences program. Entering her third year as an AzHOSA member, she has served as her chapter’s Treasurer at Centennial High School, been a part of several blood drives, and participated in many community service projects. Victoria competed in the Veterinary Science competition at 2015 Spring Leadership Conference and placed fifth.

Victoria aspires to attend Arizona State University where she will study Pre-Veterinary Medicine and then transfer to Colorado State University in Fort Collins where she will continue her educational studies in Veterinary Medicine. Her desire to become a Veterinary began at a young age and continues to grow through the help of HOSA. While attending the West-MEC Veterinary Science Program, she will gain hands on experience in the career path that she hopes to follow.

“People who want to be great leaders must embrace an attitude of service to others.” This quote from the book, The Secret: What Great Leaders Know and Do by Ken Blanchard and Mark Miller has truly impacted the way Victoria views a leader. It has inspired her not just to serve all of the members in AzHOSA, but also HOSA members from all over the world.

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Parliamentarian: Samantha Johnson

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The 2015-2016 AzHOSA State Parliamentarian is Samantha Johnson. Samantha is truly looking forward to serving the members of AzHOSA and all of the new adventures awaiting her this coming year.

Samantha graduated from Greenway High School with an Honors Diploma as well as her CNA License. Being within the Glendale Union Chapter has not only introduced her to HOSA itself, but helped her to grow an immense passion for HOSA and its members. Samantha served the Glendale Union Chapter as one of the Executive Council members, leading the Chapter to great accomplishments with the Leukemia and Lymphoma National Project, Jeans for Teens, America’s Tooth Fairy Project, etc. This past year, the CNA Program has shown Samantha exactly what it takes to care for people and feel passion for the Healthcare field. She also competed in Medical Innovations and Clinical Nursing placing second in the State in each.

In the fall, Samantha will be attending Grand Canyon University in order to earn her Bachelors of Science in Nursing degree. She hopes that working as a CNA while attending college will pay off and allow her to work as a Trauma ER Nurse in the future. While volunteering at St. Joseph’s Hospital ER over the summer of 2014, Samantha discovered the passion and drive necessary to become a nurse in the emergency room, while understanding the characteristics needed of an ER Trauma nurse.

Samantha has also been a Girl Scout member for the past twelve years and knows the influence a great leader has on not only the younger generation but their peers and finds these experiences serving her well in HOSA and eventually in the healthcare field as well. Throughout Girl Scouts, two years in HOSA, three and a half years leading a team in theatre, and individual events in her life, Samantha feels she can lead and serve as well as grow along with the State team and members.

Samantha believes that, “It is not every man for themselves in this type of field, the healthcare field is about finding the team in everyone and finding one’s self in the team”.

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