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President: Emily Hakes

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Emily Hakes is honored to serve as your 2019-2020 Arizona HOSA President. Emily is a graduate of both Mountain View High School (Mesa, AZ) and East Valley Institute of Technology (EVIT). She will be a freshman at Eastern Arizona College (EAC) in Thatcher, AZ in the fall of 2019 and is looking forward to living in a small town.

This year was Emily’s first year participating in HOSA and she immediately fell in love with the organization. Although Emily wishes she would have learned about HOSA sooner, she is grateful to be a part of an organization that she believes in.

In high school, Emily was on the Varsity Volleyball team for three years and competed in national tournaments. In June of 2018, Emily and her team placed fifth in the ESPN Wide World of Sports tournament. Along with volleyball, Emily was highly involved in the choir programs at Mountain View. By her Junior year, she was in the highest choir at Mountain View and loving it!

In her senior year, Emily attended EVIT for the Medical Assistant program and is currently a Certified Clinical Medical Assistant (CCMA). During the clinical portion of her education, she fell in love with the hands-on aspect of health care. This led her to enroll for pre-nursing classes at EAC. After two semesters at EAC, Emily plans to serve a mission for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints for a period of 18 months. Following her mission, Emily plans to continue in school at EAC where she will continue to study to become a Nurse. Her eventual goal is to become a Nurse Practitioner.

Emily’s favorite quote comes from her former choir director at Mountain View High School, Mason Schreiber, “Being humble is not thinking less of yourself it’s thinking less about yourself”. In Emily’s opinion, this quote relates to HOSA members as they try and increase their knowledge and improve their skills in competitions. She thinks that humility is needed for growth to occur.

Region 2 Vice President: Mac McGraw

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As a type one diabetic for over 14 years, Mac has always known that he wanted to help others fighting the same battle. HOSA was Mac’s avenue to channel this passion. Starting his freshman year, Mac became an active HOSA member. He served as the Reporter, Community Service Chair and President of his chapter over the previous three years.

Now in his fifth year of being a HOSA member, Mac is honored to serve as your Region 2 Vice President. Mac recently graduated from Paradise Valley High School’s Center for Research in Engineering Science and Technology (CREST) program. While in this program, Mac learned various lab techniques that he was able to utilize in his internship at the Biodesign Institute at ASU. His lab focused on the early detection of pancreatic cancer. This internship helped him with his senior project as well, in which he attempted to make a noninvasive blood glucose test using saliva.

Mac’s passion for HOSA grew stronger at each leadership conference. With his teams, Mac placed second in Medical Innovations - Original and Creative Problem Solving at the State Leadership Conferences. This year, with a new team, Mac placed first in HOSA Bowl. He was also recognized as a Platinum member, the highest level of individual HOSA membership. Though Mac did not place top five during his freshman year, he used that experience as an opportunity to grow and do better in each successive competition.

Outside of HOSA, Mac enjoys long-distance running and ran track and cross country in high school. Even though Mac will be attending the University of Arizona Honors College, he plans on running in his free time. He will major in Pre-Physiology, with the intention of attending medical school to become an endocrinologist.

Mac believes that HOSA teaches its members that health professionals are more than just caregivers; they are leaders who heal on more than just a physical level.

Region 3 Vice President: Geethika Ameneni

Geethika Ameneni is honored to be serving as Arizona HOSA’s 2019-2020 Region 3 Vice President. She found HOSA as an intersection of her two greatest joys: science and service. This year, she is thrilled to share her passion for improving healthcare with Arizona HOSA’s membership of thoughtful, caring individuals.

Kicking off her HOSA journey in 2017, Geethika placed first in Clinical Specialty and attended her first International Leadership Conference in Orlando. At the 2018 and 2019 Spring Leadership Conferences, she worked with her dedicated team to place second and third in HOSA Bowl. Experiencing the diversity of members united by a passion for changing the future of medicine inspired her to continue growing in this organization as a member and a leader.

Geethika graduated from Red Mountain High School as a member of the Biotechnology program. She thrived in this nutrient rich program, surrounded by people who hungered for knowledge and growth. It was from her peers that she learned to have the courage to turn her disappointments into motivation for success and to serve her community by sharing her passion for science. As the President of her school’s HOSA chapter and Vice President of her school’s National Honor Society, she took part in organizing fundraisers ranging from assisting victims of Mexico’s hurricanes to raising money $1,000 for cancer research in one week!

Her dedication to helping others gives Geethika the drive to succeed in her scientific research. She was a member of the U of A KEYS Research Internship in the summer of 2018 where she studied how inducing cellular dormancy could be implemented as a potential cancer treatment. Geethika will be attending the University of Arizona as Neuroscience and Public Health major. She hopes to improve healthcare and continue participating in scientific research as a physician-scientist.

As Eleanor Roosevelt said, “The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams”. Geethika is grateful to have discovered a community of dedicated, uplifting individuals through HOSA, and she is confident in the beauty of each of their dreams.

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Region 4 Vice President: Alexandro Lopez

From the small border town of San Luis, Alexandro Lopez is honored to serve as the 2019-2020 Region 4 Vice President and is looking forward to expanding his leadership skills through HOSA. He is excited to meet and work with the members of this amazing organization to promote strength, unity, and passion.

He is entering his senior year at San Luis High School and has been in HOSA for 3 years. Apart from HOSA, he served as the Advanced Via Individual Development (AVID) President his freshman year and started a Mentors and Mentees Club. He enjoys networking with different people and getting to talk to them. He was also a courtesy corp member for his school at the 2019 Arizona HOSA State Leadership conference and serves as a CTE Leader for his school.

Apart from school clubs, he enjoys wrestling. He has wrestled all through high school and is aiming to become the first state champion from San Luis High School. He also loves to help in his church. He has helped on many events, including, plays, conferences, and festivals. He wants to continue helping out for as long as he can. Through his passion for wrestling, he volunteered as a coach for South West Junior High School to increase the love and involvement of wrestling in younger students.

Through his involvement in his Sports Medicine class and the knowledge gained in HOSA, he is striving to become a Paramedic. “If you believe, you can achieve” are words that Alexandro will forever use as motivation. He also believes that “There is nothing you can’t accomplish with the right mentality”.

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Postsecondary/Collegiate Vice President: BriyaMarie Contreras

BriyaMarie Contreras is thrilled to serve as the 2019 - 2020 Arizona HOSA Postsecondary/Collegiate Vice President. She is excited to be able to return the support and encouragement that the members of Arizona HOSA have constantly shown her.

This year will mark BriyaMarie’s fourth year as a member of HOSA and her second year serving on Arizona HOSA’s student executive council. Throughout these years she has been recognized as a Silver and Gold member and was able to compete in both CERT and Nursing Assisting at SLC. Through these experiences, she has adapted and strengthened leadership skills that she plans to utilize this upcoming year. Her favorite part of HOSA is networking with other members that share her same enthusiasm for quality, compassionate healthcare.

BriyaMarie is a graduate of Paradise Valley High School’s Nursing Assistant Program and is now a certified nursing assistant. She is currently a sophomore at Arizona State University majoring in Community Health in the College of Nursing and Health Innovation. BriyaMarie is determined to become a registered nurse, specializing in pediatrics. Her goal as a health professional is to ensure her patients leave with a smile on their face and hope in their heart.

Outside of HOSA, BriyaMarie is passionate about improving her physical and mental well being as she participates in weight lifting and other physical activities that get her heart pumping. She also enjoys adventuring the outdoors and admiring all of Earth’s natural beauty. She makes sure she stops to smell the flowers any chance she gets.

Maya Angelou once said, “My mission in life is not merely to survive, but to thrive; and to do so with some passion, some compassion, some humor, and some style”. These words have motivated BriyaMarie to make the most of each and every moment she is granted and to have fun while doing so. She encourages the members to do the same throughout their journey in HOSA.

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Secretary: Elizabeth Lopez

Nicknaming herself, “The plantsman/birdwatcher”, Elizabeth López is proud to serve as your 2019-2020 State Secretary. She is eager to meet all the new and returning members, but most of all, she is excited to talk to people about her passion for pimples, cuts, scrapes, and bruises with those who will not give her odd looks but will instead share her enthusiasm.

Elizabeth has been in HOSA for three years and while she may still be new to HOSA, she has placed twice in Medical Law and Ethics and aims to become at least a Bronze Member for Arizona HOSA. With every new step into the world of HOSA, she falls in love with the opportunities it provides the members. Her experience as the 2018-2019 Region 4 Vice President was so superb that she decided to run for State Office again. Her goal as an officer is to take HOSA to the smaller communities and have them be more involved.

She graduated from Gila Ridge High School in Yuma, AZ - the hottest place you will ever know - and will be attending the University of Arizona in the fall double majoring in Neuroscience and Cognitive Science and Spanish and hopes to use these programs to propel her into medical school. She was part of the Certified Nursing Assistant (CNA) program at Gila Ridge High School and is now a certified CNA. She plans to use her certification to help the people in her community.

When Elizabeth has free time - which is rare - she is buying more books than she can possibly read or is bird watching. She enjoys volunteering at the Yuma Community Foodbank and at Saddles of Joy, a horse therapy ranch. Her biggest passions in life are collecting vintage collector's items like vinyl records or teacups and dancing.

A quote that Elizabeth enjoys and tries to live by is from Anton Chekhov, “Knowledge is of no value unless you put it into practice” which is something Elizabeth sees in the members of HOSA. They aren’t just learning the material, but they are actually using it for the greater good.

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Historian/Reporter: Alaya Alshemari

Alaya Alshemari is honored to have been elected to serve as the 2019-2020 Arizona HOSA Historian/Reporter. She is thrilled to be a state officer and to connect with members that share her passion for health.

Alaya’s HOSA journey began her senior year at Glendale Union. She ran as an officer and served as Historian/Reporter for her chapters. Through her dedication as a first-year member, she was recognized as a Barbara James service member, a Platinum member, and received an Arizona HOSA Scholarship.

Alaya is a graduate of Apollo High School, in Glendale, Arizona. Throughout her high school career, she was part of organizations like Key Club, Best Buddies, and Link Crew. She also served on the Southwest District Key Club board for two years. In this role, she was recognized at two International Conventions as a Robert F. Lucus recipient for her outstanding service as a board member.

As a rising freshman at Arizona State University in Downtown Phoenix, Alaya is part of the College of Nursing and Health Innovations, majoring in Community Health. Through her involvement in HOSA and Glendale Union HCE, she has certifications in CPR, Stop the Bleed, Mental Health First Aid, and is a Certified Nursing Assistant with EKG and Phlebotomy coursework under her belt. Taking the health career education course through Glendale Union has also influenced her career goal of becoming a nurse practitioner, specializing in pediatrics.

Alaya lives by the quote, “Follow your passion, be prepared to work hard and sacrifice, and, above all, don't let anyone limit your dream” by Donovan Bailey. She is a passionate person, that is known to be hardworking and committed. In all, Alaya wants members to be themselves and follow their dreams.

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Parliamentarian: Fatma Khalaf

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Fatma is incredibly delighted to be serving Arizona HOSA - Future Health Professionals as the 2019 - 2020 Parliamentarian. She is looking forward to meeting and connecting with HOSA members from all over Arizona.

This year was Fatma’s first year as an Arizona HOSA member, in which she served as an officer in her chapter. Fatma is eager to start this new journey as a state officer! During the past year, she has attended the Fall Leadership Conference and competed at State Leadership Conference where she placed in the Top 10 for Researched Persuasive Writing and Speaking.

Fatma is a recent International Baccalaureate (IB) Program graduate from Barry Goldwater High school and completed the West-MEC Pharmacy Technician program, where she combined her love for Science and Leadership. Fatma will be attending the University of Arizona in the fall and majoring in Pre-Physiology and minoring in Psychology. She plans to use these degrees to help her achieve her dream career of becoming a Neurologist.

Outside of HOSA, Fatma loves volunteering through the National Honor Society and Interact Club. In high school, she was also involved with various clubs such as the Culture Diversity Awareness Club and was a leader for incoming freshmen all four years. During her free time, Fatma likes to relax by traveling with her friends and spending time with her family.

Fatma knows that as a future health professional, a great amount of hard work, passion, and dedication are required. Fatma has been inspired through her journey by the words of Pele, “Success is no accident. It is hard work, perseverance, learning, studying, sacrifice, and most of all, love of what you are doing.” She believes the dedication and passion of HOSA members will lead the health care profession to progress and improve to the better.

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